Cultural and sports activities in Cebreros and its surroundings

Spending a quiet weekend inCasa Rural Abuela Benita and taking advantage of a welcoming stay, along with a good book or a board game, constitutes an excellent option. Undoubtedly, you can do active tourism while going through the touristic spots of Cebreros in order to discover the charms of the village, You can also discover the surroundings by following some paths that pass by the eight roads of Cebreros, do mycological walks, all sorts of cultural and sports activities (contests, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, festivals), tournaments and competitions (cross alpine, grape harvest) fishing in the rivers and the reservoir… One cannot forget the ambiance of Cebreros; for those who like to party in the popular carnivals, the feasts of the Virgin of Valsordo, the vintage feast or the ancestral feast.


At Cebreros, the visitor can participate in various cultural activities contests, different exhibitions, concerts, festivals, theatre and can also do any kind of sport (cycling, swimming, tennis, soccer, basketball)One can also participate in different tournaments and competitions: championships of soccer in room, tournaments of clay pigeon shooting, of chess, competitions like the Milla Urbana Some natural areas like the Valsordo valley, the bridge of San Marcos accessible by the cemetery road and other more mountainous roads like those of the zone delRisco del Castrejón, the rock that divides itself in the north of the village, all contribute to appreciating the nature to its full potential.

Walking for aplain, a nava or at the top of a cliff, open field swept by the wind from the mountains to later enter a secluded ravine, sheltered from the air, as if the field suddenly became small, intimate, ours.

For fans offishing, there are multiple places of the different rivers and reservoirs where to practice it: the residential area of ​​theCoves of Guisando and New Bridge, different places of the rivers Cofio, Becedas and Alberche, etc. In all of them it is also possible to take a dip in summer, spend the afternoon relaxing with a restful fishing and a fun bath. Likewise, within the municipality of Cebreros there are hunting reserves where you can dedicate yourself to it.

You can check the schedule of leisure activities in Cebreros here:

Sports and culture in the surroundings

Many activities can be done in the area of Alberche et Pinares valley, as well as in Gredos and in the whole province of Ávila. Various enterprises offer all kinds of activities related to rural tourism including horseback riding, 4×4 or quad, bicycle or walks…

  In the Burguillo marsh, any aquatic sport is practicable: sailing, canoe-kayak, wáter skiing…

  In the Iruelas valley wildlife park, you will find the center of interpretation of the nature and the observatory of the fauna, a place where one can observe predatory birds, an excellent ornithological destination.

  For those seeking a quiet place, the botanical path in Iruelas constitutes an excellent option, as well as the bars and restaurants nearby.

  If you wish to have an intense adventure day, some businesses in Gredos offer all kinds of activities: hot air balloon flight, canyon descent, abseil, archery, snow sleigh, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, speleology and caves, mountaineering, trekking…

An interesting option also consists in driving around in the morning to visit the villages of Ávila, passing by Sierra de Gredos and other villages nearby. You can stop for a gastronomic lunch typical of the region. It is worth getting to know all the corners of the province of Ávila, all more marvellous than the other. The perfect place to do cultural and gastronomic tourism is definitely Ávila. You can play golf, relax in a spa, visit museums and monuments, eat in good restaurants and enjoy the nightlife… a city to get to know in all its depth.


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