Paquetes de alojamiento más actividades en Ávila

Accommodation packages plus activities in Ávila

In the Valle del Alberche and Pinares, in Cebreros and the nearby towns of Ávila there are many possibilities when it comes to multi-adventure activities and rural tourism activities.

Here we are going to propose different accommodation packages plus activities in Ávila for all audiences and ages, from combined multi-adventure sports activities to special activity packages for companies, families, packages for bachelor parties …

Due to the capacity of our establishment, 22 people, we get important discounts and offers in accommodation packages + activities in Ávila for all our clients:

In the different sections of this website, there is information on activities with discounts that apply to our clients.

Special offers on accommodation and activity packages.

Casa Rural Abuela Benita offers all its clients a 10% discount if the stay is longer than 5 nights. This discount combined with the discounts we already have in different activities and services allows us to offer accommodation packages plus activities in Ávila such as the following:

Accommodation package plus activities for stays of one week:

Day 1: Arrival at the ranch and contact with Cebreros.

  • Lunch or dinner in one of the three restaurants with which we have agreed a 10% discount on the prices of the menu.

DAY 2º: Tourist Route through Cebreros making visits to different places:

  • Tourist tour through the streets and squares of Cebreros.
    Church of Santiago Apóstol
    The pillory
    The Cebreros Wineries
    Museum of Adolfo Suárez and the Transition
    Roman bridges and Hermitage of Valsordo

If you feel like it, in the afternoon, you can take one of the eight hiking trails in Cebreros.
Day 3º: Route in 4×4 in the morning or in the afternoon and carry out some other activity in the area of ​​Valle del Alberche and Pinares and its surroundings.

  1. 2 hrs. / € 20
  2. From 4 hrs. / € 38 – including drink
  3. Combined 4×4 route plus hiking € 70 – including picnic.
  4. Combined 4×4 plus quad route – € 130 / person for 8 people, € 99 / person for 16 people.
  5. As complementary activities in the area, you can go paragliding, horse riding, canoeing, boat trips … In addition, in Cebreros, you have the possibility to enjoy different options thanks to its sports facilities and leisure proposals (see the program of activities in the main activities section)

Day 4º: Guided tourist route through the monumental Ávila and gastronomic tourism day.

  • For example, half day visit.Up to 25 people. LAB. € 90.00 / Saturdays and Holidays: € 95.00 (VAT not included) that includes a tour of the historic center walking and commenting on the Wall and the façade of the main palaces.
  • Basilica of San Vicente, € 1.40 person / group. (+ 15 people) but € 1.80.
  • Visit of the Cathedral, € 3.50 person / group. but € 4.
  • Entrance fees to monuments on behalf of the client. Visiting some monuments is recommended to be done on your own, such as La Muralla or La Encarnación. They also have the option of touring the city of Avila on a tourist train.
  • Lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants in which we have agreed a 10 to 20% discount on the prices of the menus.

For more information you can visit the sections ofroute through Ávila o de gastronomy from the menu on your left.

Day 5º: Multi-adventure in the Sierra de Gredos.

  1. In Gredos different companies offer all kinds of activities: Guided routes on horseback, by bike or on foot, hot air balloon flight, canyoning and canyoning, rappelling, bungee jumping, zip line, archery, snow sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, caving and caves, mountaineering and ascents, trekking …

Day 6º: Tourist route through the Alberche and Pinares Valley.

  • There are many options here, you can design a route to your liking depending on who you want to see. From Casa Rural Abuela Benita, we can always advise you.

Day 7º: To finish off the trip, you can visit the Iruelas Valley, a place with a very special charm.

  • In the Parque de la Reserva Natural del Valle de Iruelas, the visitor will find a whole set of rural tourism activities. Mid-mountain landscape located in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, the Iruelas Valley is an ecological space with its own personality that overlooks the Burguillo reservoir.

For long-term stays, all kinds of special packages for cultural tourism, active tourism, language tourism … can be designed and organized.

Activity packages for weekends in Ávila:

When planning a trip, if it is a weekend, there are many options. Next we are going to describe different packages by theme aimed at different types of public.


Accommodation package and multi-adventure activities in the Alberche and Pinares Valley: In Cebreros and in the villages of Valle del Alberche and Pinares and its surroundings, a wide range of accommodation packages and multi-adventure activities can be organized. Depending on the client, activities such as paragliding, painball, 4×4 routes, quad routes or buggy routes, horseback riding, hiking and caving, climbing, hot air balloon ascents, water sports …  

Nature tourism weekend package: entering on Friday and sleeping 2 days a route through a region is made seeing its natural resources and doing activities.

Gastronomic tourism weekend package: gastronomic tourism is carried out visiting wineries and restaurants in Cebreros and Ávila discovering their flavor.

San Juan Reservoir Activity Package:Three activities in the San Juan reservoir.

  • Saturday morning. Canoeing excursion
  • Saturday afternoon: Archery.
  • Sunday morning: Initiation to climbing.
  • Price of the three activities: € 56 per person.
    Price individual activities:
    Canoeing excursion € 22
    Climbing € 30
    Archery € 12
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