Hiking in Cebreros


The eight signposted and regulated routes of Cebreros go through the scenic charms of the town, discovering places that function as balm for the body and the mind along a total of 160 km in length. They can be done on foot or by bicycle; Each one has a level of difficulty and all are circular routes that begin and end in the urban center of Cebreros. The routes are tangent to each other, so that different trails can be combined with each other, lengthening or shortening the extensions of all of them.

It must be borne in mind that depending on the season in which the march takes place, this will be its condition and the state of the roads. It is essential to take into account the weather conditions before leaving in order to be properly prepared.


Estimated times are approximate and based on the normal average for both cycling and walking, varying with the abilities of each person. The marches and activities that take place around the routes, must always respect the environment, for them we provide some tips that will help you to coexist harmoniously with nature.

Although livestock and agriculture play an important role in the municipality’s way of life, the signposting of the roads is an element of the rural development that is taking place in the area, as well as the interest in taking advantage of and protecting the road network, canyons and cords of Cebreros, in order to give them another use that helps us to conserve them.

The surface of the municipal territory is 138 km2. It is located between the Valle del Alberche, Gredos, Parameras, Sierra de Malagón and Sierra de Guadarrama. This situation makes Cebreros a municipality rich in natural, ecological, cultural and historical resources.

Water resources: River Alberche, Becedas, Sotillo and Cofio;
Geomorphological Resources: Canchales, Hills, Enclosures, Ramps;
Plant Resources: Pinares, Enebrales, Encinares, Fresnedas And Alisares;
Faunal Resources:Eagles, Vultures, Kites, Foxes, Wild Boars;
Landscape Resources: La Merina, El Quejigal, Becedas, Cañada Real, all this has made it worthy of being integrated into the Natura 2000 Network.

When hiking in Cebreros, it is important to take into account the Los Brajales Mountain Club(www.losbrajales.es), a sports association belonging to the Castilla y León Mountain, Climbing and Hiking Federation that runs routes some Sunday mornings along these and other trails in the Alberche and Pinares region and throughout the province of Ávila.

Dare to meet them and enjoy the weekly outings they make and the excursions to other more remote areas.

For more information on the routes click here.

You can find even more hiking trails here.

Hiking trails: These are trails approved by the Federation of Mountain Sports, Climbing and Hiking of Castilla y León. Before starting the march, take into account the RULES OF BEHAVIOR IN THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT as practical recommendations to enjoy the most of the selected route:

Avoid walking off the marked trails on hunting days with the closed season (Winter). If you decide to go out, make yourself known.

Avoid crossing fields. Watch where you step. Close the doors and gates that you come across. They are necessary for livestock.
Don’t walk alone; On the road, always walk to the left so that you can see the vehicles coming from the front.

Try to walk along the different municipal roads to help maintain their existence with their use. Try not to walk at night, calculate well the time that your route will take so that the night does not surprise you.

Do not go too loaded, it is considered very useful first aid kit and camera. Footwear is essential, on low-difficulty trails, sports shoes are enough. On complicated routes, the use of boots that hold the ankle with some rigidity and with a studded sole is recommended.

Do not light fires, it is the main enemy of our forests. Be especially careful with badly extinguished cigarettes. In the field it is preferable to use lighters to matches, it is preferable to bring prepared food. If you detect a fire, notify the nearest authority and as quickly as possible.

Be careful not to produce noises that could disturb wildlife, livestock, or people who have gone out in search of tranquility. The best way to spend a day in the countryside is enjoying the sounds that nature offers us. Try to be quiet when walking in groups, near rocky cliffs and from January to June, as it can disturb the birds during the breeding season.

Do not camp on your own. Do it only in the conditioned places. Leave everything as you found it.

Respect water courses, fountains and springs, avoiding throwing away all kinds of garbage, detergents or oils. It is always advisable to bring the amount of water that you will need.

Do not harass or confront the dogs that you come across on the way, you have to be cautious with those who look after property or livestock.

Respect the Historical Heritage, do not dislodge the stones from the roads or walls or modify their arrangement. Do not take branches or flowers, others also want to enjoy your presence. In addition, there are species in danger of extinction.

Civil Guard: 918630006
Local Police: 669861340
Red Cross: 918632222
Emergencies: 112
Health Center: 918630365

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