Iruelas Valley


In the Parque de la Reserva Natural del Valle de Iruelas, the visitor will find a whole set of rural tourism activities that will make their trip worthwhile. Mid-mountain landscape located in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, Iruelas is an ecological space with its own personality that overlooks the Burguillo reservoir.


Rural tourism in the Iruelas Valley can begin with its Nature Interpretation Center, which allows us to deepen our knowledge of our environment. The Iruelas Valley is an overflowing corner of nature. Strolling through the Iruelas Valley is to walk through a microcosm that has the perfectly marked tones of the four seasons. This valley from Avila returns the visitor to his solitude to discover, throughout its more than 8,000 hectares of overflowing nature, endless secrets that slide from the peaks of Gredos to the placid and calm curves of the Bulrguillo Reservoir.

You can discover the adventure between the powerful and wild waters of the gorges or caress the calm water of the Burguillo with a rhythmic paddle, ride along the banks of alders through guided routes on horseback or let yourself be filled with the landscape and collect a piece of Iruelas with a photografic camera. The limit is in the imagination and respect for nature.

Although the routes in this valley are innumerable, the Iruelas Valley Botanical Path is specially prepared for hiking with explanatory panels of the fauna and flora. It is a circular tour of half an hour that starts from the recreational areaAlways green, right in front of the camp. To the left of the road, there is a parking lot closed by a chain from which the didactic route begins, through which we can meet up to 21 species of trees, all with information panels on their way of identification and distribution.

Upon passing the first panel, an ascending path appears, the path of the Cerro de la Lancha de las Viboras, which takes us to the viewpoint of the Lancha de las Víboras, a recommended detour that will give us a magnificent panorama of the Burguillo reservoir and the Valley de Iruelas, a fantastic Fauna Observatory to contemplate the flights of the majestic black vultures, birds in danger of extinction that can reach three meters in diameter and that are unmistakable even for the least experienced in fauna. It is the most important black vulture reserve in Europe. In addition, the flight of the griffon vulture or the imperial eagle can be clearly observed. It is also nice to visit the natural viewpoint of Puerto de Casillas, a privileged place to contemplate the entire Iruelas Valley, declared a Special Bird Protection Area (ZEPA).

Finally, highlight the routes of Cerro de la Excusa and Pozo de la Nieve, which has a refuge. You can download an information brochure by clicking here.

In the Iruelas Valley, equestrian tourism is also offered with boarding, introductory classes and horse riding through the valley. If you wish, you can see this video of the Iruelas Valley horse riding routes.

Keep in mind that in the House of the Natural Reserve of Valle de Iruelas, located in the town of Las Cruceras and belonging to the Network of Houses of the Park of the Network of Natural Spaces of Castilla y León, they have detailed information for tourism rural area in the Iruelas Valley Reserve, which will help you plan your visit. It is recommended to visit the exhibition “Iruelas: from winter to spring” which shows different aspects of the area, the water, the flowering, the breeding, the autumn soil, the forest and the history of the valley. There is also a room dedicated to the Black Vulture, a jewel of the Reserve. From the house you can make an accessible path.
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