Paragliding is a sport that consists of jumping into the void taking advantage of the slope of the side of a mountain, and flying hanging from a special parachute (paraglider) that the pilot controls and directs through ropes. To stay in the air as long as possible, the pilot takes advantage of the rising thermal currents in the air. The paraglider weighs seven kilos (approximately), it is a very light and flexible glider, semi rigid, made with very resistant textile materials.

An exciting way to discover Cebreros and to live new experiences is to contemplate it from a bird’s eye view. For the more adventurous, the Paragliding School From Madrid to Heaven organizes introductory and advanced courses and offers the possibility of launching in a two-seater to fly over the beautiful areas of our geography such as the Tiétar Valley, the Alberche and its surroundings.

They will be able to make their dream come true together with a professional pilot, feeling the magic of flight. And it is that if you can run, you can fly !! And enjoy, because the school’s two-seater pilot does everything else.

You will feel the wind on your face and that unique sensation that you have with free flight, the ground away from your feet and your body closer to the birds: Freedom. After this flight, when you leave your house and look up at the sky, you can say … I’ve been there!


  • 1. Two-seater flight of 600 meters of unevenness in Cebreros (AV): € 75 / person. Duration depends on weather conditions.
  • 2. Photographic Report: Between 15 and 18 digital photographs and they are delivered at the moment on a CD: € 25.
  • 3. If you take part in any of the accommodation package modalities plus activities that we offer, you will be able to enjoy a 10% discount on this activity and all the comforts of Casa Rural Abuela Benita, Cebreros – Ávila.
  • You can book by calling Nico’s phone: 609 664 768.

If you want to see a video of a paragliding flight over Cebreros, you can watch it here:

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