Castilla y León will attend the XXIX edition of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR)

  The Ages of Man, the application of new technologies to tourism, the natural attractions of Castilla y León and religious tourism will be some of the claims with which the Autonomous Community will attend the celebration of the XXIX edition of the International Tourism Fair (Fitur), which will take place from January 28 to February 1 at the Feria de Madrid, Ifema.

  The stand of the Junta de Castilla y León, of 3,500 square meters, will bring together the Tourist Boards of the nine provinces and that of El Bierzo.

  The event, which will be inaugurated by the Princes of Asturias, will serve as a meeting point for 11,100 companies from more than 170 countries or regions in twelve pavilions dedicated entirely to the tourism sector.

  León: The new tourism portal of the province will be the star proposal of the Provincial Tourism Consortium of León at the International Tourism Fair, where it will be attended by the Tourism Society (Sotur) of the Board.

 The new tourism portal for the province of León is an innovative website that aims to provide efficient management of all information and tourist services in the province from an intuitive and user-friendly approach.

  Sources from the Provincial Tourist Board indicated that the objective of this platform is to facilitate accessibility and availability, through the Internet, in a simple way and from anywhere, all the contents and services of the portal.

 Ávila: Rural and spa tourism, as well as the climate and landscape, will be the claims that the Ávila Tourist Board will emphasize in its presence in Fitur. Thus, the province will take advantage of its leadership in rural tourism and the existence of more than 600 establishments of this type in which the basic premise is quality, to bring its potential closer to the future visitor.

 The Board will also pay attention to all the products that tourists demand to respond to them from the province, such as spa tourism, remembering that there are several that operate in the province or wine tourism, linked to the quality wines that are They are made in the province, especially in the areas of Madrigal de las Altas Torres or Cebreros.

  The possibility of Fitur serving as a showcase for the presentation of the new tourist image of the province, more modern, and in which images are given prominence, which are “the ones that can best sell the province,” are also discussed. the deputy for Tourism, María Victoria Moreno.

  Burgos: The Burgos Tourist Board, which will occupy a place at the Board’s stand, will take advantage of the appointment at Fitur to publicize the brand image change of the Tourist Board, after its presentation at the Fair of Interior Tourism (Intur). In addition, Fitur will serve as a framework for the dissemination of the city’s new tourism promotion brochure, an edition that offers a different image, in which images and clean lines prevail over the text, said the president of the Burgos Tourist Board, Mari Sol González.

 In the coming months, the image of the different brochures of the Tourist Board will be progressively changed and when summer approaches, new plans of the areas of greatest tourist attraction in the province will be published, such as Merindades, Ribera de Duero, Aranda. ..

 ‘Esencia’ will be the slogan that will mark the presence of Burgos in Fitur in a space in which images of the capital and the province will be shown and in which there will be a section for the candidacy of Burgos 2016, where in addition to offering information about the project will try to attract more adherents to it.

  Palencia: The opening of the Villa Romana de la Olmeda and the Cueva de los Franceses, both scheduled for next spring, will be the two main claims with which Palencia will go to Fitur.

 The Villa Romana de la Olmeda, in the town of Pedrosa de la Vega, will see completion in the coming months of the refurbishment works of the deposit to which it has been subjected since 2005 and which have involved an investment of 6.7 million euros . While the Cueva de los Franceses, in the district of Revilla de Pomar, will reopen to the public after having closed its doors last May to build a covered access pavilion.

  Under the motto ‘Pasión por lo Nuestro’, the Provincial Tourist Board will bring visitors closer to the tourist attractions of both the city and the province that, as announced in Intur, is working on the launch of the first tourism observatory of the region in collaboration with experts from the University of Salamanca.

  Salamanca: The city and province of Salamanca will be present at the International Tourism Fair with the motto ‘Unique Salamanca’. The capital will highlight claims related to Salamanca as a World Heritage City, a living and dynamic city and a city of universal knowledge, and special emphasis will be placed on proposals such as ‘The summers of Salamanca’ that bring heritage and culture closer to filling the spaces with content. emblematic of the city and the International Arts Festival of Castilla y León, which from May 29 to June 13 will once again bet on the latest world artistic trends.

 In the case of the province, the offer of tourist products that will be presented at Fitur will focus on natural resources such as Las Arribes del Duero and will pay attention to initiatives such as the Camino del Agua between Mogarraz and Monforte, as well as historical sites. In addition, it will bet on religious tourism from the ‘Inland Paths’ project, which has as its epicenter the Teresian town of Alba de Tormes and pays attention to outstanding pilgrimages and sanctuaries, such as that of the Peña de Francia, passing through singular manifestations such as the living passions, the celebration of the Corpus in addition to the offertories.

  Segovia: The Provincial Tourism Board of Segovia will go to Fitur hand in hand with new technologies. Thus, the International Tourism Fair will serve as a platform to publicize its telephone tourist information system through bluetooth, a platform that allows visitors to download on their mobile – without having to depend on the coverage of the device to have access to it- all the tourist information related to the province, from maps with information about the most visited places, to hotels, restaurants … the application is designed so that the user can contact the establishments directly.

 Likewise, technology will also be present in the presentation of the new website of the tourism board and in the dissemination of the nine-minute tourist documentary that is currently being presented at numerous national and international festivals, both in Europe and America. The audiovisual has been built only with music and images – without including text – to give it a greater international character and to be able to present it without limitations throughout the world, said the manager of the Tourist Board, Sofía Collazo.

  Soria: The celebration of the new edition of the Ages of Man in Soria, from May to December 2009 under the title ‘Interior Landscape’, will be the “highlight” of the presentation of the Soria province in Fitur, an exhibition that, according to the president of the city’s Tourist Board, Antonio Pardo, will not only focus on the San Pedro Cathedral in the capital, but will also have a roaming component in the province, where it will have two sub-offices : the hermitage of San Baudelio in Casillas de Berlanga and that of San Miguel de Gormaz.

  Pardo specified that, although the organization of the exhibition is the responsibility of the Edades del Hombre Foundation, the Tourist Board will collaborate in whatever is necessary for its celebration and promotion since both must “go hand in hand”.

 To this proposal, the environmental offer of the province will be added through claims such as the Canyon de Río Lobos, the Laguna Negra or the Acebal de Garagüeta, a “perfect combination” that together with the Ages of Man and the gastronomic pillar, constitute a “very attractive offer” for the province of Soria, he said.

  Valladolid: Bread and wine will be the fundamental axes of the tourist promotion of Valladolid within the framework of Fitur; the first, because the Museum of Bread will be ten years old in 2009 and will foreseeably exceed one million visitors during the first semester; and the second, for the potential of wine tourism in a province that brings together up to five denominations of origin.

  A passport that will come into force this year will also be presented during the International Tourism Fair and will allow the traveler to visit the provincial tourist centers -Museo del Vino, Villa del Libro, Matallana, Museo de las Villas Romanas … – at affordable prices .

In addition, the forum will be used to promote the new provincial tourism website that users can now access, a portal that in just one month of operation has already received 1.6 million queries.

  Zamora: For its part, the Zamora Tourist Board will take advantage of its presence in Fitur to enhance the attractiveness of the province as an inland destination and to present new products such as ‘Get married with us, get married in Zamora’, give get to know the Tapa Festival and promote the institution’s new graphic image.

 In addition, under the slogan ‘Zamora counts for a lot’, linked to the new graphic image of the Provincial Tourist Board, posters, brochures, radio spots, press announcements and a television spot will be presented. On the other hand, in collaboration with businessmen from Zamora, the Tapa Festival that is currently being held in Zamora, Toro and Benavente will be broadcast.

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