Ávila opens in Intur to family tourism with the Adolfo Suárez Museum as the protagonist

Ávila opens in Intur to family tourism with the Adolfo Suárez Museum as the protagonist

  In 2010, family tourism and congresses are targeted in the city of Ávila, with new attractions for visitors and the incorporation of new technologies to help in visiting the city, while in the province of Ávila the Camino de Santiago and the Adolfo Suárez Museum are the most outstanding attractions.

  This was revealed in the first of the days of the XIII International Indoor Tourism Fair (Intur), which is held until Sunday in Valladolid and in which Ávila has a joint exhibitor from the Provincial Tourism Board , the Ávila City Council, the Avila Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Confae) and the Local Action groups.

  An appointment in which the Ávila City Council has presented its challenges for the coming months, which include family tourism, in addition to promoting congresses, after the opening of ‘Lienzo Norte’.

  For this, the city will be promoted in the eight remaining Castilian and Leonese provinces, but new technologies will also be used to facilitate the visit to the city, so that whoever arrives in the walled capital will be able to receive, via bluetooth, a guide Virtual on your mobile phone to locate and locate accommodations, monuments and places of interest in Ávila for the best family tourism.

  This year the province will promote the Camino de Santiago in Ávila, taking advantage of the fact that 2010 is the Jacobean Holy Year. The Provincial Council will complete the signposting of the route in Ávila, in addition to promoting the network of shelters, for example, San Bartolomé de Pinares and Cebreros will incorporate their shelters to the Camino de Levante or del Sureste, as it passes through Ávila. The tourist is proposed to take a tour of the southeast route of the Camino de Santiago, which in the province of Ávila starts in the south, in the Guisando Bulls and ends in the north, in the Moraña region. They want to start the re-marking of the Camino de Levante, so that, every month, a work march is carried out by the Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago in Ávila, dedicated to repainting and replacing indicative signs.

  As explained by the head of Tourism and Heritage of the Provincial Council of Ávila, María Victoria Moreno, one of the most outstanding infrastructures that have just been put into operation is the Museum of Adolfo Suárez and the Transition, in Cebreros, which is why it is also wanted to emphasize this cultural space built on the ruins of a beautiful 14th century church and dedicated to the transition, to democracy and to the figure of the former Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez, one of the most illustrious people of Avila.

  For this reason, the figure of Adolfo Suárez presides, in Intur, several exhibitor panels with which the Provincial Tourist Board of Ávila invites visitors to the fair to get to know Ávila, its people, its nature and its heritage by making a tourism familiar with the Adolfo Suárez Museum as the protagonist.

  The Diputación premieres in Intur an advertising spot made with aerial images during a week of filming. For 30 or 90 seconds, it reproduces images of the nature and people of the province, as well as the Municipal Center for Congresses and Exhibitions Lienzo Norte.

  In the exhibitor, in addition to seeing new images with hallmarks of the Avila territory, such as nature, heritage or gastronomy, the novelties were found in the information brochures of the Avila Local Action groups and also in those that the Provincial Council of Ávila has published with the slogan & nbsp; “Ávila, a lot close to you”.

 A slogan that premiered last year, accompanied by an informative guide to discover all the charming corners of & nbsp; Ávila and that includes 13 chapters that review the attractions of the Avila territory, with two new themes: & nbsp; “Water, Wine and … Life “, & nbsp; dedicated to the Alberche region, and & nbsp; ” Ávila, open to the world “, & nbsp; with itineraries to get to know the historic city, but also the contemporary, with the Municipal Exhibition and Congress Center.

  In the capital of Avila, meanwhile, the Deputy Mayor for Culture and Tourism, Áureo Martín, pointed out that appointments with Avila’s heritage will be increased with nightly guided visits to the Wall and the replacement of the Ronda de las Leyendas, which will be I had been celebrating the first weekend of June, for the & nbsp; “Saturdays of Legend.”

  Likewise, relations with other communities will continue to be established, so that to Extremadura or Murcia, in 2010, the exchange will take place with La Rioja, while the Palacio de los Verdugo, headquarters of the permanent secretariat of the Group of World Heritage Cities , will host a major exhibition on the painter Caprotti.

  On the other hand, and to draw the attention of visitors, several tastings have also been scheduled by the attending businessmen.

 Visitors will be able to savor tumbled potatoes, El Barco beans and rolled bacon. El & nbsp; Rondón, from Cebreros, has programmed a new tasting, consisting, first of all, by & nbsp; ‘Revolconas XXI century’ , which is a cocktail of revolconas potatoes in Candeleda emulsion, sweet double chin and boletus, torrezchips and crispy tubers with poached egg and truffled at low temperature.

  Secondly, cylindrical toasts of morañego chickpea hummus and crunchy organic ham from the El Bardalejo farm will be served, followed by a chistorra and chilli marinated maki sushi over creamy El Barco bean vinaigrette and cabbage fritter.

 In fourth place, we will serve Avileño cheeks and, finally, some croquettes of chanterelles from these pine forests and ham from the El Bardalejo farm with foie yogurt and sweet onion & nbsp; “for wetting” . All this will be accompanied with a white sangria verdejo and cucumber from Villa del Prado.

  Finally, on Friday, the Association of Roasters of Suckling Pig of Arévalo (Asadhos) plans to hold a tasting in the exhibitor in Ávila and, every day, there will be a tasting of Avila products provided by Confae (sausages and wine) and Tiétar cheeses.

Regarding the crisis, it was highlighted that the province is a powerhouse in rural tourism, an activity that this year has managed to maintain itself.

  And it is that this year tourism, as recalled by the mayor of Ávila, has fallen by 19 percent, while in the city, the decrease has been 11 percent. & Nbsp; “We have resisted better than the rest de España “ & nbsp; and, although the number of visitors has fallen, overnight stays have increased by 1.6 points.

  In this sense, he referred to hotel rooms and private initiative that help increase quality. According to García Nieto, the 2,600 beds that Ávila has make up a field that does not finish growing.

  For this reason, he assured that & nbsp; “whenever we are able to create synergies so that there are more visitors, the private initiative will do the same”.

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