The Museum of Adolfo Suárez and the Cebreros Transition celebrates an open day

The Museum of Adolfo Suárez and the Transition of Cebreros & nbsp; celebrates an open day.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Constitution Day, the Adolfo Suárez y la Transición Museum (MAST) in Cebreros (Ávila) is open every day of the holiday bridge and free of charge on December 6 for this commemoration. During these days the “Club de Amigos del MAST” will be launched, with the aim of weaving a social network that supports and consolidates this tribute to the Transition, a fundamental stage in the history of Spain, and all the characters who made it possible from consensus and generosity, highlighting among them the figure of the former Prime Minister in his hometown, Don Adolfo Suárez.

The friends of the museum will have a series of advantages such as free admission to temporary exhibitions, reservation of places in the conferences, courses and conferences, discounts in the store, the possibility of making three invitations, as well as access to the archive and detailed information on all the tasks to do.

Some of them will be considered Friends of Honor of the MAST, whose members are characterized by the support given to the project or by their special relationship with the protagonists or with the history of the Transition itself.

Since its opening, in addition to receiving a large number of visitors, the museum has been launching numerous initiatives aimed at achieving some of its main objectives, which include making it a reference center for the knowledge and enjoyment of the stage of the Transition, for which agreements are being reached, with public and private institutions, to nurture the archive and carry out a series of conferences and seminars that allow deepening the study of this stage.

In addition, a series of activities have been developed, reflected in the MAST booklets, to ensure that children and young people know the very important work of consensus, generosity and responsibility with capital letters that during the Transition was carried out not only by the political class but also from the whole of society as a whole in activities adapted for primary, secondary, high school and for contemporary history students of any university degree.

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