The Cebreros Rural Tourism Training Center

The training center in rural tourism in Cebrera, & nbsp; «ahead of time»

 The project, of a regional nature, will be the largest in the region, since it will have 1,000 square meters in which there will be a restaurant, kitchen or classrooms to improve the quality of service.

 Cebreros will be able to count & nbsp; “ahead of time” & nbsp; with a regional center for tourism training. This was stated by the mayor of the town, Ángel Luis Alonso, who explained that the works & nbsp; “are going to a vertiginous march”. & nbsp; In principle, it should conclude in December 2008, but according to the ruler & nbsp; “it will be over before.”

  It is a project of Peasant Schools that has the approval of the City Council. The center will have a space for training of 1,000 square meters and in it a complementary training will be carried out for entrepreneurial adults with establishments open to the public in rural areas or that intend to open them, as explained at the time by the Secretary of Schools Peasant women, Joaquín Ruano. It is about providing the necessary training so that the workforce that attends these types of establishments is qualified.

  The center’s facilities are divided into a kitchen space with capacity for 15 students and about 100 square meters of surface; a restaurant and two classrooms for theoretical and computer training. At first, a space for two rooms was also projected to avoid accommodation problems. The center will be able to meet the demand of 45 people per course to improve the rural tourism service. A sector that – taking into account the latest data provided by the National Institute of Statistics for the month of February – is booming in Ávila, since it is the first power in Spain in number of travelers and the second in overnight stays, and so only behind Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

  The 1,000 square meters that the Cebreros regional center will have, whose investment has exceeded one million euros, make it the largest in the entire region.

  A budget that had a grant from the Asocio Foundation.

  In the future, students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge in the kitchen and restaurant, since what it is about is to improve the quality of customer service.

  The center is located on the Villacastín highway, at the crossroads between the highways to El Hoyo de Pinares and Robledo de Chavela.

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