Art, leisure and nature hand in hand in an initiative based on bonsai

 Although it has not yet opened its doors in Ávila, it promises to be one of the most striking complexes in which art, leisure and nature go hand in hand in a peaceful way. This is Al-Andalus Jardín , an initiative based on bonsai that, experimentally, opened its doors in Cebreros. It is a space in which the smallest of the house can also enjoy fun games.

  The initiative comes to the capital of Avila from Cebreros, by the hand of the Al-Andalus Florist. Its owners have decided to transfer this concept of garden to the capital of Avila, precisely from the town where they opened their first establishment, where they are already known for having specialized in the art of bonsai.

  We are facing a space of about 5,000 square meters that is located a short distance from the capital of Avila and that is located in the Los Conchos farm.

  It also aims to become the only space in the city specialized in the art and care of bonsai: “requires a lot of patience, a lot of humidity and a lot of care”, according to one of its leaders, Noemí Cabero. And it should offer activities that are engaging enough that children can have a good time.

  Lakes, games, trees and nature, in short, go hand in hand with a sales area in which the owners of this unique florist will not only sell their products but will also offer information on everything related to bonsai, nursery, plant and flower care, etc.

  This week, some privileged people were already able to enjoy the facilities, which, although they have not yet opened their doors, promise to already have some followers, such as the mayor of Cebreros, Ángel Luis Alonso, and some of the members of the Cebreros Municipal Corporation, who They visited the Garden of Al-Andalus responding to the invitation made by the owners of the facilities, residents of Cebreros.

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