Hotels in Ávila promote the Adolfo Suárez de Cebreros Museum

Hotels in Ávila promote the Adolfo Suárez de Cebreros Museum with information points where the Adolfo Suárez and Transition Museum are valued and invited to visit this place of interest in Cebreros.

For its part, the museum’s management makes known to its visitors to Madrid the tourist attractions of the capital of Avila, as well as the wide gastronomic and accommodation offer that they can find in Ávila. This was agreed in the meeting held by the president of the Abulense Federation of Hospitality Entrepreneurs, Alberto Sánchez, the manager of the ‘Lienzo Norte’ Exhibition and Congress Center, Gonzalo Súnico, and the director of the museum, Cristina Blanco.

During the meeting, in which the commercial director of ‘Lienzo Norte’ , Mónica Cagnetta, was also present, the will to collaborate jointly in the generation of alternatives that attract the largest number of visitors was evident. to our city and for this it is essential to value all the tourist resources of Ávila, including those of the province.

The Congress and Exhibition Center also undertakes to carry out promotional activities for the Museum on the North Canvas. In this sense, the Confae federation assures that the Cebreros museum “is one of these exponents capable of attracting the interest of a significant number of visitors to our province. In fact, there is no other similar museum in Spain that chronologically reproduces the historical milestones of the Spanish Transition and the decisive role of Adolfo Suárez in the entire Spanish democratic process ”.

The work day in Cebreros concluded with a visit to the facilities of the Hotel Escuela El Rondón de Cebreros, initiating a working relationship and collaboration materialized in an agreement. The federation will allow the students to carry out internships in the hospitality establishments of Ávila and the province and the El Rondón School will offer professionals in the hospitality sector the possibility of accessing different training and specialization courses in their own establishments. This will allow us to continue increasing the quality and service offered by our hospitality companies, whether they are restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels or hostels.

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