XXI Caja de Ávila Flamenco Week

 The XXI Caja de Ávila Flamenco Week is held from October 6 to 12, in the auditorium of this entity and in 2008 it began with the intervention of El Chozas & nbsp; accompanied by & nbsp; Niño Elías on guitar, while for the final point The Coro Rociero de Córdoba has been chosen, offering a Rociero mass, as has been traditional, in the Church of La Santa.

  It will be a few days in which Ávila will sound like flamenco and in which there will be the presence of voice artists such as Guillermo Cano, a young man from Huelva who sounds strong when talking about renewal, or like Diego Clavel, cantaor from La Puebla de Cazalla (Seville) who writes the verses that he interprets and who has to his credit, for example, having recorded two albums with 31 different malagueñas.

  On October 9, it will be the turn of the bailaora Luisa Palicio, a young woman born in Estepota (Málaga) who began her dance studies at the age of four and from a very young age has been part of numerous festivals and has toured a large part of the Spanish flamenco clubs. .

  On the following day, the voice will once again be the protagonist with the concert that will be offered by Pansequito, or José Cortés Jiménez, which is the same, one of the greats of today’s Cádiz cante.

  Julián Estrada, just the day before the Coro Rociero de Córdoba, will be in charge of closing the soloist concerts at the XXI Flamenco Week. Cordovan, an amateur and in love with flamenco since he was a child, he began his musical career receiving guitar lessons at the age of ten, to get on stage for the first time at fourteen.

  He will be accompanied by Manuel Silveria on guitar, although he will not be the only guitarist who will attend the Caja de Ávila Flamenco Week. The Niño Elías, Rubén Levaniegos, Manolo Herrera, David Pérez and Diego Amaya will also take the stage.

  In its twenty years of history, this Flamenco Week has had the participation of numerous flamenco figures, including José Mercé, Enrique Morente, Juan Valderrama, José el de la Tomasa, Diego & nbsp; “El Cigala” , Vicente Amigo or Sara Baras.

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