The rain has not prevented Cebreros from living its Carnival

  The rain has not prevented Cebreros from enjoying its Carnival.

  The originality of the costumes and umbrellas, protagonists in the Cebreros parade.

Almost as many umbrellas as costumes have filled the streets of Cebreros this Sunday in the parade of floats and local Carnival troupes.

  Some 850 people participated directly, distributed among 20 groups and 14 floats. To these figures should be added the high number of Cebrereños and visitors who, despite the rain, did not want to miss the municipality’s Carnival.

  The parade began with the troupes. People turned into pumpkins, Dior bags or surprise boxes with a clown included, among many other costumes that wore originality throughout the tour.

  There were all types of floats, from a huge skull from the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, to the fountain at Parque Warner in Madrid with its corresponding cartoon characters, to an articulated dragon that puffs smoke from its nose.

  The jury chose, after the parade, the winners of the local contest, but their names are kept in a sealed envelope and will be announced next Sunday, after the provincial parade.

  “Cebrereños have been above all “, says the mayor of the town, Ángel Luis Alonso. & Nbsp; ” With our Carnival the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera could not and the rain will not do it”.

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