The Museo de la Naturaleza del Valle del Alberche officially opens in El Barraco

  This new museum that is presented as a compendium of the characteristics of nature, with the flora and fauna, of the entire Alberche Valley, shows the values ​​of Alberche and promotes nature tourism.

  The museum shows some natural contents such as the Pinares del Bajo Alberche, the Cerro de Guisando, the Iruelas Valley, the bank of the sub-basin of the Alberche river, the mountains of La Paramera and La Serrota and the pine forest of Hoyocasero.

  All of this comes together in a 700-square-meter building where, in addition to being able to see the flora and fauna content of the area, there is an auditorium and audiovisuals and archive and library for researchers, teachers and students.

  The Alberche has its nature museum in which the natural values ​​of the area can be taught in a didactic way. For this, a building has been built in which five rooms can be visited, through which a thematic circuit is created that addresses different aspects of the environment.

 The first of the rooms has the most important pieces, such as replicas of vultures, eagles, reptiles and even a representation of an attack by wolves. Afterwards, the visitors find the forest room with replicas of oak, pine or holm oak; the river, where the bed of a stream is shown; hunting and fishing, and night, the last room, which is dedicated to the wolf and the world of the night and its animals. For this reason it is a room that is in darkness and where little by little the lights show various pieces. 

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