The Adolfo Suárez Museum and the Congress of Deputies open their doors to students

  Thanks to the fact that the Adolfo Suárez Museum and the Congress of Deputies open their doors to students, the students of the Elisa and Luis Villamil Secondary Education Institute, from Vegadeo (Asturias), within the I Communication and School Forum of Ávila, have the opportunity to meet the Congress of Deputies.

  The president of the Lower House can take pictures with students and teachers and answer the questions they ask him and take an interest in the activities of the Communication and School Forum.

  After visiting the Congress, students can visit some typical corners of Madrid, such as Puerta del Sol or Plaza Mayor and, in the afternoon, the Prado Museum

  Adolfo Suárez Museum

  Students can visit the town of Cebreros and the Museum of Adolfo Suárez y la Transición. These students have the opportunity to carry out the school activities programmed by the Department of Education and Cultural Action of the Adolfo Suárez y la Transición Museum (Educa MAST), which aims for children and young people to know the very important work of consensus, generosity and responsibility that During the Transition, it was carried out not only from the political class but also from the whole of society.

  The educational programming project is called & nbsp; ‘Learning History … and much more’ & nbsp; and is intended to promote the curricular development of Primary, Secondary and High School students.

  The visit is presented in an attractive and entertaining way, thanks to the completion of the activities proposed in different workbooks adapted to each cycle and which are completed with as many notebooks for teachers, in order to facilitate the preparation to visit the museum .

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