Suárez y el Rey, a difficult book to understand.

 Adolfo Suárez Illana, son of former Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez, has asked the Planeta publishing house to remove from the cover of the latest book about his father & nbsp; ‘Suárez y el Rey’ , by journalist Abel Hernández, a photograph that he himself took. During a visit by the King to the home of the former President, Suárez Illana took a photograph in which Mr. Juan Carlos, from behind, passes his arm over the shoulder of his father, now ill, as is known.

  This photograph, which received an award from the newspaper El País, illustrates the cover of Abel Hernández’s book that has already been distributed. According to sources at the publisher, it will be difficult to remove it. According to Suárez Junior, it is an image whose reproduction for this book he has not authorized.

  Suárez Illana affirms that the book contains disqualifications and falsehoods that are difficult to understand from someone who, like Abel Hernández, became a member of the military in the suarista CDS & nbsp; and even & nbsp; to be a candidate for Soria for this party. According to Suárez Illana, his father’s bodyguards are attacked, & nbsp; “some very beautiful people”, & nbsp; and it is stated that Suárez consented to resign as Prime Minister in exchange for a duchy as Grande de Spain. There is no such, says his son, but the King offered the duchy to the still president of the Government, giving him a choice between the Duchy of Suárez and the Duchy of Cebreros.

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