Established the Rural Social Council of the Cebreros Area

  Established the Rural Social Council of the Cebreros Area

  The Rural Social Council of the Cebreros Area has been created this Wednesday in the plenary hall of the City Council of said municipality.

  The act of constitution began with the delegation of the presidency of the Social and Rural Council in the figure of Ángel Luis Alonso, mayor of Cebreros. Afterwards, the members of the Governing Board were elected.

  24 municipalities, twelve associations of the elderly and seven other neighborhood groups were summoned to this act.

  The Ávila Provincial Council created rural social councils with the objective of expanding citizen participation in social action, animation and community development programs so that they could exercise their functions in the corresponding areas of Cebreros, Piedrahíta, Arévalo and Arenas de San Peter.

  Rural social councils enjoy autonomy in the exercise of their functions and in the management of their social action programs in rural areas after their approval by the Provincial Council of Ávila

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