Ávila lives its most touristy weekend with the Medieval Market of the Three Cultures

  Ávila lives its most touristy weekend with the Medieval Market of the Three Cultures.

  The inauguration of the Market of the Three Cultures, included in the XIII Medieval Days of Ávila, has marked the beginning of the most touristic weekend of the year for this city whose historic center will be visited until Sunday by between 40,000 and 60,000 people.

  Although the hotels have not put up the full poster this year due to the effects of the crisis, the mayor of the capital, Miguel Ángel García Nieto, has been confident that the final result will be a fantastic medieval conference.

 The councilor has encouraged visitors and residents of Avila to participate in an activity whose success is based on the involvement of residents, many of whom dress up in period costumes.

  The wall is also disguised, where large coats of arms, flags and cloth banners have been placed, which contribute to make the main monument in the city more attractive.

  Inside there are more than 200 artisan stalls that are scattered around different parts of the historic center, of which 66 are from Avila, to give color and animation to an activity that this year has a budget of 90,000 euros.

  Unlike other medieval markets, Avila, which became one of the pioneers after starting up in 1997, stands out from the rest for its citizen involvement, as well as for its connection with the historical tradition of the city, thanks to an environment unique patrimonial.

  Within this framework, the opening speech was held this afternoon, which had the participation of hundreds of people from Avila and tourists, as well as the Don Fabián de Sotomonte company of comedians, accompanied, among others, by his pregnant wife, Aldonza de Sotomonte.

  All its members have made an appeal to the attendees to put aside the crisis and enjoy the days of leisure and rest granted by the local authorities.

  In these days, called the Market of the Three Cultures, they will once again revive the spirit of coexistence between Christians, Jews and Muslims, which prevailed centuries ago in Ávila.

  During this time, visitors to the market will be able to buy all kinds of artisan products or taste delicious delicacies in each of the stalls distributed inside the walled enclosure, although some activities also take place outside the wall.

  The program includes theatrical performances in the street, storytelling and an exhibition and audiovisual on archery, the III Popular Race of the Three Cultures, performances of stilt walkers, jugglers and comedians, as well as fire shows, among other activities.

  In addition, during the three days of the market, the San Vicente garden will host an exhibition of birds of prey and a medieval camp of warriors, while Reyes Católicos street will be transformed into a Jewish quarter, the Plaza de la Catedral, into a medieval town. , the Pedro Dávila square in an Arab souk and the Mercado Chico square in a Christian neighborhood.

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