A large part of the municipalities of abuelenses celebrate their patron saint festivities

  A large part of the municipalities of Avila celebrate their patron saint festivities during this weekend, coinciding with August 15. Bull runs, parades, processions, musical performances, championships and contests … are some of the activities organized for residents and visitors to enjoy to the fullest on such special dates.

  The Cebreros celebrations, which last until August 17, are among the most prominent. The traditional running of the bulls will begin on the 14th at 8 am and will continue throughout the weekend.

  It also has & nbsp; a celebration of rejones, novilladas, processions in honor of & nbsp; our patron, the Virgin of Valsordo, and San Roque, activities for children, musical performances, cucaña and clippings contests and fireworks, among other events.

  A large number of towns are celebrating:

  On these dates, there are many towns in the province of & nbsp; Ávila & nbsp; that celebrate their festivals in honor of San Roque or the Virgen de la Asunción. For example: Piedralaves, Mombeltrán, Navarredonda de Gredos, Sanchidrián, Barajas, Paddamientos, Papatrigo, Pedro Rodríguez, Cepeda de la Mora, Vadillo de la Sierra or & nbsp; Sotillo de la Adrada, where the locals celebrate the traditional Verbena de la Paloma.

  In addition, other municipalities such as La Torre, El Bohodón, La Colilla, Pradosegar or Las Berlanas have chosen this weekend to organize their summer festivities, cultural days or fairs.

  In addition to religious celebrations in temples and processions, bullfighting shows are not lacking in the largest municipalities with greater economic capacity to organize them, such as Cebreros. The program contains all kinds of activities, from excursions, to foam parties, card competitions or indigenous games, dinners and brotherhood lunches, dances of all kinds, paelladas or omelette contests, the night party and, of course, the that can not and usually is not missing, fireworks or fireworks, a classic & nbsp; with which to put an end to long-awaited celebrations.

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