The National Handicraft Fair of Ávila celebrates its 25th anniversary

 The National Handicraft Fair & nbsp; ‘Arteávila 2008’ , organized by the Association of Various Handicrafts of Ávila (ADAVA), celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with the participation of 56 artisans from all over Spain and two from France and Portugal, between August 8 and 19.

This is the XXIII edition and it is an activity sponsored by the City Council of the capital of Avila and the Junta de Castilla y León. The growth experienced by this appointment with the crafts that last year brought together 50 exhibitors on the Paseo del Rastro, next to the southern canvas of the Wall.

  To celebrate this anniversary, the organizers have scheduled two demonstration workshops each day, instead of the only one that took place in 2007.

  In addition, the IX Handicraft Contest will be held that awards the best piece of the fair and a posthumous tribute will be held to the late artisan from Avila, Víctor Arribas Chaparro, in recognition of the work done by both him and his family of sculptors.

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