The Library of the Catholic University of Ávila expands its specialized bibliographic funds

  The center is taking the first steps to create a virtual library

  The Library of the Catholic University of Avila has expanded its cultural offer by acquiring volumes of different specialties and has begun to collect all its documentary sources in order to create a library on the Internet.

  In addition to the more than 45,000 euros invested for the purchase of the new material, they have received 285 book donations. Among the new titles, more than 1,150 are reference manuals from the world’s leading publishers that will support both teaching and research.

  Donations come from various institutions, from the Publishing Services of Public Universities, from the Institute of Teachers (Ministry of Education and Science) and from other publishers. At the same time, the Junta de Castilla y León has provided a subsidy to cover the costs of acquiring bibliographic and computer material

  The Director of the Library, Luis Daniel López Matos stressed that “this library aims to contribute to the UCAV’s purpose of contributing directly to the social, economic and cultural development of Avila and Castilian and Leonese society, but also to support the mission of the Church in the process of evangelization through culture”. 

 At the same time, this library center is working on the creation of a Web page that will constitute a future virtual library. These are the first steps in the development of a medium-term project, which could be ready in three years. In this way, any Internet user will be able to access the library’s documentary sources and catalog.

  Daniel López stressed that the library & nbsp; “works not only for the benefit of students, but for the entire society of Avila”. & nbsp; So that anyone can access the loan – one week, and renewable for another three – you must make an anonymous request to the library address.

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