The Ávila Mística Documentation Center will be launched in 2008

  This headquarters for documentation will join the Mysticism Interpretation Center and the offices of the International Center to form a new reference space for those interested in mysticism, located in front of the Convent of La Santa, where Santa Teresa de Jesús was born.

  The deputy mayor for Culture of the City Council and director of the International Center for Mystic Studies (CIEM), Aureo Martín, explained that the works have already been completed in the absence of hiring the staff. CIEM is in talks with the University of Salamanca to take over its management.

  Likewise, the International Center for Mystical Studies will coordinate the book ‘The heritage of Ávila, the city of mysticism’, which will be published by the City Council in collaboration with the Regional Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

  On the other hand, the International Center for Mystical Studies is already preparing the next annual congress, which in October 2008 will be entitled & nbsp; ‘The fabric of life: the great sacred texts of Humanity’ , Directed by Professor Lucía Ramón Carbonell, a graduate in Theology and Philosophy.

  The proceedings of the congress of October this year, which was held under the title & nbsp; ‘The mystique, Ou-Topos of the interreligious encounter’ , will be published for the first time in a bilingual Spanish-English edition

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