Heritage approves the works of the Adolfo Suárez and Transition Museum

  Heritage approves the works of the Adolfo Suárez and Transition Museum.

  The Territorial Commission for Cultural Heritage gave its approval to the rehabilitation works of the old church of Cebreros as the future headquarters of the Adolfo Suárez and Transition Museum and does so after two modifications were made to the execution project. Changes that affect the roof structure and also the façade of the future Adolfo Suárez Museum, which had to be given a new constructive solution.

  Although these two modifications had to be made, the basic project of the museum received Heritage approval on July 17, 2006. Since then, progress has been made in a tribute project to the former president of the Government and from Cebrera, Adolfo Suárez.

  In 2007 work began on the church based on the project carried out by the architect Jesús Gascón, some works that involve the covering of a temple that was chosen to be the museum’s headquarters for two reasons, since & nbsp; «brings together the adequate size while adding value to a heritage building, today very degraded, in a town that is so significant for the figure of Adolfo Suárez ». & nbsp; In addition to creating the museum’s container building in the church, will create an outdoor space, attached to the first use and as & nbsp; «outdoor sculpture garden». & nbsp; All this will have an area of ​​2,000 square meters.

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