Rural accommodation in Ávila, at 90% by the end of the year

  Rural accommodation in Ávila, at 90% by the end of the year

  90 percent of the rural tourism accommodations that make up the Casas de Gredos network, in the province of Ávila, will be occupied on New Year’s Eve.

  The occupancy for the Christmas Eve day is reduced to half of the more than 240 establishments in this network. According to the data provided by Casas de Gredos, which this year has incorporated 28 new full rental establishments and three rural tourism centers or shared rental accommodation, for these days “there are still available, above all, the houses with smaller capacity”; that is, those with between two and four rooms, taking into account that the maximum allowed for these accommodations is ten beds.

  Hotel occupancy

 With regard to the monthly data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) regarding hotel occupancy, the latest figures left a total of 23,301 travelers in Avila during the month of November, while overnight stays in the hotels of Avila capital and province they were 40,479.

  These figures represent increases of 5.3 and 7.8 percent, respectively, over those registered in the same month last year, while the average stay rose, also with respect to November of last year, by 1.70 to 1.74 days per person.

  In the 106 hotel establishments that were estimated to have opened their doors in the penultimate month of the year, 643 people were employed, while the degree of occupancy by places at the weekend rose to 43.3 percent, taking into account that in the same time period last year this percentage was 38.6 percent.

  Finally, the INE data show that the travelers who came the closest to Avila’s lands did so from Madrid (40.5%), followed by the Castilian and Leonese themselves and, in third place, by the Andalusians. It was the same trend that was followed in the case of overnight stays, where Madrilenians who stayed overnight in Avila hotel accommodations accounted for 34.3 percent of the total.

  Monday, December 24, 2007.

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