The Governing Council allocates half a million to the Adolfo Suárez Museum in Cebreros

 The Regional Government Council has awarded a direct subsidy to the Cebreros City Council for the adaptation works and installations of the Old Church, for the establishment of the Adolfo Suárez and Transition Museum and the creation of an outdoor space attached to the museum as a garden of outdoor sculpture.

  The amount of the subsidy reaches a total amount of 500,000.00 euros, distributed between the budgets of 2007 (100,000 euros) and 2008 (400,000 euros).  

  The Cebreros City Council has planned to allocate the Old Church to establish the Museum of Adolfo Suárez and the Transition, a project promoted by the Town Hall of the town with the collaboration of different institutions and individuals.

  The project involves the recovery of a church from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, known as Iglesia Vieja or Iglesia de San Francisco, with what this entails in the double aspect of conservation and rehabilitation of use of properties of the Cultural Heritage.

 The Museum of Adolfo Suárez and the Transition is conceived as an exhibition center focused mainly on the figure of Adolfo Suárez, on his life and his political and social work. He will combine aspects of his family and personal life with the actions of his public life, always within the safeguard of privacy and due respect.

  This project includes an exhibition development over more than 700 square meters with an abundance of audiovisuals, sound spaces, photographs, models and panels, and will incorporate devices suitable for the disabled. The museum will also have an outdoor space of about 1,300 square meters destined to & nbsp; “outdoor sculpture garden”.

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