Location of Cebreros

How to arrive in Cebreros

Cómo llegar a Cebreros - Ávila.  From Madrid, the nicest road is the one that goes through El Escorial, el Puerto de la Cruz Verde, Robledo de Chavela and from there, it continues directly to Cebreros on the M-539. See the map

  The quickest way to get to Cerebros from downtown Madrid is by taking the Pantanos highway (M-501). Once you passed 3 Km. San Martín de Valdeiglesias in direction of El Tiemblo, there is a turn-off on the right that joins the AV-511. Cebreros is 12 Km away on this same highway. See the map

  From Avila you need to take the exit on the N-110, which joins the N-403 in the third rotary intersection, and going straight, cross El Barraco and continue until the road joins the AV-504 in direction of Cebreros, which is 6 Km away See the map